By joining the efforts of 4 National SME Associations (AMOPA, AGRO, RATHO and CCIM), we propose a definitive solution for European SMEs in the Greenhouse Crop production sector. In this project we present a multi-strategy approach to meet our objectives:

  1. Increase net production and tolerance to salinity through CO2 injection.
  2. Recover CO2 from exhaust gases from greenhouse heating systems by photo-catalysis for its injection in the greenhouse facility.
  3. Reusing industrial wastewater for irrigation purposes and reducing the cost associated to water supply by photo-catalysis.
  4. Reduce charge loses in irrigation systems.
  5. Develop process control to optimise irrigation, CO2 injection and greenhouse climate control.

By achieving the targeted objectives CARBGROWTH will offer to European agriculture producers the possibility increase the total horticulture production (kg/m2) without major additional investments and operational costs (see Section 3). Consequently, farmers will increase the margin of benefit of their industrial activity, becoming less dependent to EU subsidies and more competitive face to non-European horticulture producers. European aquaculture producers will also have the opportunity to valorise the wastewater produced in their facilities and, consequently, to economise the treatment costs associated to this water which becomes a valuable by-product for the agriculture sector.


CARBGROWTH project aims to maximise European greenhouse horticulture production, optimising water resources by using low quality water from wells and aquaculture for irrigation purposes and ensure that final products commit with European quality standards.


Aquaculture typically is practiced in coastal waters or on land whenever regular crops are not being raised. Scientists are worried about some of the disrupting consequences of aquaculture on local environments.


Intensive agriculture under plastic has allowed converting apparently unproductive lands with such mild climate conditions into modern agriculture exploitations that can source for the population food requirements.


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