Asociación Mediterránea de Organizaciones de Productores Agrarios

C/ Caballero 13. 30002

Murcia- Spain

The Mediterranean Association of Agricultural Producers (AMOPA) includes a total of 40 limited agricultural companies, established as a OPFH. AMOPA is formed by 10414 associates, who between them own 81.683 hectors of land, with an output of 956.458 metric tons and a yearly turnover of more than 405.392.666 Euros. AMOPA is found upon the fundamental objective of protecting the common interests of the Organisation of Producers, regulated by the OCM of Fruit and Vegetables, and promotes the development of the agricultural sector. AMOPA also offers information and advices upon all the different aspects of the OPFH, growing and production operations and responds to any request for help or assistance, etc. From the Mediterranean Association of Agricultural Producers, a constant support is given in all referring to the OCM of Fruits and the Vegetables.
Pedro Sánchez
Tel: +34-968351282
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CARBGROWTH project aims to maximise European greenhouse horticulture production, optimising water resources by using low quality water from wells and aquaculture for irrigation purposes and ensure that final products commit with European quality standards.


Aquaculture typically is practiced in coastal waters or on land whenever regular crops are not being raised. Scientists are worried about some of the disrupting consequences of aquaculture on local environments.


Intensive agriculture under plastic has allowed converting apparently unproductive lands with such mild climate conditions into modern agriculture exploitations that can source for the population food requirements.


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