Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura di Milano

Via Meravigli, 9/b. 20123

Milano- Italy.

The Chamber of Commerce of Milan (CCIAA MI) is an independent local public body which performs tasks of general interest for enterprises and fosters their development within local and global economies with a focus on internationalisation, innovation and new technologies. It has developed experience in terms of carrying out innovative activities targeted to SMEs. On behalf the Regional Union, Milan CCIAA is partner of a Multiannual Programme Agreement with Lombardy region. Aiming to territorial competitiveness, the strategic areas of intervention include: Innovation and Research, Internationalisation of Companies, Action in favour of Craft and Micro-companies, Promotion of Territory and Environment. Long standing cooperation agreements with the main Universities provide a substantial base for the analysis, study and understanding of the most relevant social, economical and technological developments that both identify strategic issues and support operational decision making. The Chamber itself is also well established in the local business and cultural communities through cooperation with Unioncamere Lombardia (Union of 12 Lombardy Chambers of Commerce), other CCIAAs and national/regional business associations.
Emanuela Didero
Tel: +39-0285154413
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