Aqua Biotech.


Central Complex - Nagar Street

MST1761 Mosta - Malta.

AquaBioTech is an independent aquaculture, fisheries and environmental consulting, development, testing / research and training company operating throughout the world. Is an independent aquatic biotechnology and aquaculture research and training company with its own dedicated facilities.
The facilities available at AquaBioTech can and have been used for any research related to the above sciences. Such experimentation can span all aspects related to the culture of aquatic species from egg to harvest, be it the use of live feed organisms in marine fish and shrimp larvae production to the use of health promoting products to residual contaminants in the harvested product.
The design of each study can be customised to satisfy its requirements and objectives. This is possible because each tank system within is completely independent and can therefore have a completely different set of rearing conditions such as temperature, salinity, flow rate, lighting etc. AquaBioTech activities include research in water management. AquaBioTech operates in compliance with the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in accordance with EU Directive 88/320/EEC.

Shane Hunter
Tel:+356 22584111
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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